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Shropshire Cheese Company – producing local handmade cheese

The Eyres family singapore cryptocurrency produces award-winning handmade cheese on our Shropshire dairy farm. The cheesemaking processes we use are traditional and the milk is from our own herd, giving our cheeses a true taste of Shropshire and the Welsh Marches Region.

The Shropshire Cheese Company is run alongside the farm at Abertanat by the Eyres family. For every process from feeding the calves and cows, looking after the animals and the land, right through to making the award-winning handmade cheese, a member of our family is there. This means we can make sure that the milk used in our Shropshire Cheese is from healthy cows that are fed a good diet, which is what makes the best milk for trading platforms singapore our cheeses.

Our purpose-built dairy next to the farm yard houses our cheese-making equipment, which means that our family can run the farm and make the cheese together. This way we can keep in close contact about milk and cheese quality, and it allows us to take real pride in what we do.

We hope you enjoy eating our award-winning handmade cheeses as much as we enjoy making them.

From the Eyres Family